ZapperBox update enables encrypted NEXTGEN TV content viewing

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 
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ZapperBox Unveils Content Security Update for NEXTGEN TV DVR Set-Top Box

NEW YORK — ZapperBox, the pioneering provider of cutting-edge entertainment solutions, announced today that its ZapperBox M1 DVRs and tuners can now decode secure content (encrypted channels) through a groundbreaking software update process. This unprecedented functionality sets a new standard for content security and user experience.

ZapperBox’s founder, Gopal Miglani, noted, “Our team has invented a proprietary process that enables us to field-provision content decryption in a highly secure manner. This achievement underscores the longevity of our hardware platform, the remarkable versatility of our software, and ingenuity of our team. While maintaining the security of the NEXTGEN TV ecosystem, we are committed to safeguarding our customers’ investments in their ZapperBox M1, which will stand as the unparalleled NEXTGEN TV DVR and gateway for years to come.”

NEXTGEN TV is specifically designed to evolve alongside technological advancements. Additionally, it does not conflict with streaming services which conserves bandwidth while offering free over-the-air service. Existing customers can request the content security update directly from the ZapperBox website, ensuring their NEXTGEN TV experience remains cutting-edge and secure.

Pearl TV, the coalition of U.S. broadcast companies transitioning to NEXTGEN TV, will be displaying the ZapperBox M1 at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular in New York City on October 19, 2023, at the Javits Center, where the group will be featuring a host of NEXTGEN TV offerings. The ZapperBox M1 will also be on display in the TitanTV booth 524 at NAB Show New York, October 25-26, at the same location. These events will coincide with the launch of NEXTGEN TV broadcasts in New York City, making NEXTGEN TV accessible to over 70 percent of the US population and offering a compelling alternative to traditional broadcast television.

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