Conax with extra level of content security through Chipset Pairing

Sunday, September 14th, 2008
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IBC, AMSTERDAM — Global conditional access provider, Conax, is announcing its success with introducing increased levels of security to meet the new challenges that digital TV operators face. Chipset Pairing is an advanced technology that provides operators and content providers with an additional level of security for their premium content, ensuring that specified content is released only to the client devices supporting Conax Chipset Pairing.

Conax CAS7, together with Conax chipset pairing, provides operators with the highest level of security for content distribution. The combined solution offers operators the best insurance available against the illegal consumption of content.

Conax has successfully extended its open STB policy, creating a new environment where it is possible to embed an additional level of security into the STB. Conax will continue to provide information and guidelines for STB vendors to support the Conax solution. For chipset pairing-enabled STBs and CAMs however, Conax requirements stipulate that the client devices undergo both a functionality test and a security evaluation to receive certification.

“Through this strategy, Conax has created an incentive for STB vendors to supply the most secure STBs to the market, so we feel that our strategy to introduce chipset pairing has been most successful. Both quality and security levels of the STBs have improved significantly in the last years,” says Berit Svendsen, CEO, Conax.

“Conax is paving the road for operators to enjoy both the highest level of security for their digital assets and freedom of choice for integration with 3rd party hardware and technology. Today, over 40 vendors are marketing a variety of consumer devices supporting Conax Chipset Pairing. All leading chipset vendors support Conax Chipset Pairing and client devices with Conax Chipset Pairing are already being employed at numerous Conax customer operations. Conax Chipset Pairing technology is a key element of our strategy and the foundation for future clients needs such as watermarking and CI+”, says Berit Svendsen.

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