EE announces shift to platform services

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 
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EE Launches New Platform For UK Consumers Featuring ‘EE ID’, New TV Products, Fastest Ever Connectivity, Best Value Mobile And Priority Gaming Services

  • Building on decades of trust in telecoms, new EE launches with a mission to play a more meaningful role in customers’ lives, unveiling a new platform with suite of exciting products and services open to all UK consumers, available via EE App or web and a new ‘EE ID’
  • The new platform offers customers a broader range of products with increased options for payments, technology and subscription management alongside comprehensive nationwide customer service and support
  • First categories added to the platform include Network Connectivity, Subscription Manager, Consumer Electronics Shop, Gaming; Home Security, Insurance with more to follow
  • Retailing expertise brought to new categories, with financing, upgrade and trade-in available across a broader consumer electronics range, meeting the demand for more flexible purchase options and comprehensive support
  • In addition – New connected products launching for EE customers, including:
    • New ‘EE TV’ – a truly flexible linear TV service for the busiest homes, featuring the best content, multi-room options, new set-top-box range and a UK-first: bringing a fully integrated EE TV service with live channels to Apple TV 4K
    • Fastest broadband unveiled, with the launch of EE Fibre 1.6Gbps – the fastest home broadband speeds of any major provider, including Wifi Enhancer services on new EE Smart Hub Plus router
  • Today’s launch marks a new and exciting era for EE featuring a new platform, products and services to drive convergence, a refreshed brand identity and the biggest marketing campaign since the brand launched in 2012

LONDON — EE, one of the UK’s largest subscription businesses, has today announced a landmark shift toward platform services, expanding its offering from selling traditional telecoms. EE unveiled the first of a new suite of products and services open to all UK consumers, via a new integrated platform, powered by an EE ID identity management and log in.

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Building on the foundations gained from decades of mobile and broadband leadership and innovation, underpinned by BT Group’s engineering capabilities, this new era will see EE scale its offering beyond connectivity for all UK consumers.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, says: “Today we’re incredibly proud to be launching a new platform for the UK, open to anyone and everyone – that will transform our customers’ experience beyond connectivity.

“With an EE ID, customers nationwide will be able to access a wide range of exciting new products, services and experiences across new sectors – easily and conveniently, in one place. We are also evolving the EE brand, while at the same time doubling down on great new connected products, with the launch of the fastest broadband, best value convergence, and exciting new TV services.”

A new platform for the UK

Spearheading EE’s new approach, to move beyond connectivity and open up for all customers, is a platform a new online marketplace bringing customers new ways to shop, organise devices, subscriptions and services, as well as their digital identity. Through the digital platform, customers can access products and services from some of the most exciting tech companies in the world – all in one place. Powered by EE ID, the new platform can be accessed via the EE App as well as online, for all UK consumers regardless of their current mobile or home broadband network.

From launch, the first release of the platform will offer access to traditional network products, as well as the new EE Consumer Electronics Shop, Gaming, Home Security, Insurance and Subscription services. Upcoming releases will, over time, add more partners subscriptions, services and capabilities, including the ability to log-in to 3rd party websites and partner-verified identity.

As well as being the key to the above products and services, EE ID will utilise multi-factor and passkey authentication to keep personal data secure.

A new era for an updated brand

The new EE brand will launch with the biggest marketing campaign since EE launched in 2012. Following extensive customer research, new EE’s marketing approach will focus on four customer needs: Game; Home; Learn; and Work – with a revamped products and services portfolio marketed under these four key areas, and dedicated hub pages launching on the EE App and

The nationwide campaign will lead with three separate TV adverts and launches on Friday 20th October.

As EE evolves, BT will offer a more focused portfolio including standalone broadband and landline services, along with supporting vulnerable customers across a range of programmes and market leading social tariffs. Starting from next week, BT customers will be offered the opportunity to join new EE, as they renew, or upgrade.

Converged product range announced for the home

EE TV Box Pro - PR image

EE is shaking up the UK TV market with a comprehensive range of flexible content and set-top-box options:

  • The EE TV Box Pro & EE TV Box Mini with multi-room, due to launch in the coming months and allowing customers to get the viewing experience across their home.
  • An exciting UK-first, EE TV app is to launch on Apple TV 4K with a bespoke TV guide offering a live TV experience as well as an EE branded remote. In addition, the Apple TV app will be available on EE’s set-top boxes.

The existing BT TV service will be rebranded to EE TV in the coming months.

Best in class EE broadband and mobile

EE’s new era in connectivity is marked by a range of new home broadband and mobile packages for the needs of customers today and in the future.

  • From the 19th October, customers can access EE Full Fibre 1.6Gbps, the most advanced broadband offering yet that delivers the fastest speeds and reliability of any major provider in the UK.
  • Following an exclusive partnership agreement with Cambridge-based developers, Netduma, EE is also introducing a new service called ‘WiFi Enhancer’, that will allow customers to boost their home connectivity by prioritising their online traffic using ‘game mode’ and ‘work mode’. EE is also introducing new WiFi Controls, allowing customers to take control of all the connectivity in their homes and get the most out of their Wi-Fi.
  • Finally, EE Broadband customers will be able to exclusively unlock market leading unbeatable value mobile savings for their whole household. This includes for the first time being able to add unlimited data SIMs on flexible 30-day subscriptions from just £10. This new offering gives EE Broadband customers the opportunity to experience the best mobile and broadband networks together for incomparable value.

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