Ofcom issues call for evidence on future of TV distribution

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 
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Call for evidence: Future of TV Distribution

  • Start: 17 October 2023, End: 12 December 2023

Television has been a fixture in households for almost a century, and it is an important part of our daily lives. However, the way in which audiences are watching TV has continued to change, with more and more video content being watched over the internet in recent years. This has brought access to a wider range of content, but also created a more fragmented experience. This change is relevant for a number of Ofcom’s regulatory duties and in particular for our focus on supporting the availability of and engagement with media we trust and value.

It is therefore timely to consider what internet distribution will mean over the long term for the dedicated TV platforms and services which people rely on today, and how broadband networks are evolving to meet and be resilient to this new demand.

This ‘Call for evidence’ gives an overview of the factors that might affect the landscape for TV distribution over the next decade and beyond. We are seeking evidence from stakeholders and consumers on how they anticipate the market developing and any key questions that arise for regulators and the Government.

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