TeraVolt develops interactive HbbTV app for ZDFmediathek

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 
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TeraVolt develops “Zapping Player” for ZDFmediathek

HAMBURG — As OTT development partner of ZDF, TeraVolt is pleased to introduce the Zapping Player as a new feature in the ZDFmediathek. Zapping offers a completely new way to discover further and above all new content in the Mediathek. With the Zapping Player, functionalities can now also be used via HbbTV on the big screen that were previously only integrated on social media platforms. With the “content swipe” functions, the younger target group is addressed.

ZappingPlayer screen image 1

The younger generation is used to “swiping” through content feeds on the various social media platforms every day. Every time it is a surprise which content is suggested next. This makes it possible to constantly discover new content.

The zapping player is integrated as an overlay above the video player and can be controlled interactively with the remote control of the SmartTV. This makes it easy to switch back and forth between the different contents.

In comparison to the classic navigation via teaser tiles, where it is often not clear what content is behind them, viewers are directly part of the current programme and thus get a better and quicker feeling of what kind of content it is.

ZappingPlayer screen image 2

In addition, it is possible to choose between three different options in the zapping player. Watch completely new or different content by zapping and also be surprised by what content is shown. Watch the same content by playing the next video within a channel. Or it is possible to continue watching the current content. Content can be watched again from the beginning, paused or rewind, and it is also possible to select different audio tracks or set bookmarks for later viewing.

The integrated channel overview is easy to access and provides additional information about the current schedule of the respective channels, what content is currently being shown as well as basic content information about the individual channels.

ZappingPlayer screen image 3

The integration of the zapping player thus offers a large amount of additional content that is scheduled and personalized on a daily basis, either manually or with the help of an algorithm.

The Zapping Player is part of the “TV mobile FIRST” concept with which TeraVolt accompanies TV stations, broadcasters and platform operators during the digital transformations so that they can better reach younger target groups in the long term. TeraVolt also expects that in the future TV use across all target groups will increasingly be connected to the internet, i.e. “TV mobile FIRST”. With the “TV mobile FIRST” concept, TeraVolt offers its customers a technological solution to also profit from the social media success stories and the associated added value.

ZDF is consistently pursuing the path of digital transformation and TeraVolt is proud to be able to accompany this process as an OTT development partner.

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