Sencore ARD 3000 receivers gain ATSC 3.0 A3SA DRM support

Thursday, November 16th, 2023 
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Sencore Introduces Enhanced Descrambling Capabilities for ARD 3000 Series, Facilitating Seamless ATSC 3.0 Deployment

Sencore, a leading innovator in professional receiver decoder platforms, announces a significant advancement in its ARD 3000 series, further solidifying its position at the forefront of the evolving ATSC 3.0 landscape. The new update, integrated into version 1.17.0 of the unit software, introduces robust descrambling support for ATSC 3.0 A3SA DRM.

The ATSC 3.0 terrestrial broadcast standard is rapidly gaining momentum, underscoring the critical need for sophisticated receiver decoder platforms. Sencore’s ARD 3000 series, available in both the single-channel ARD 3100 and the four-channel ARD 3400, is purpose-built for decoding ATSC 3.0 signals in a compact 1RU appliance. Ideal for re-encoding or confidence monitoring applications within existing distribution systems, the ARD 3000 series now boasts enhanced descrambling capabilities with the introduction of the ARD 3×001 add-on license.

Key Features of the ARD 3000 Series:

  • ATSC 3.0 Descrambling (A3SA): The ARD 3×00 now supports descrambling ATSC 3.0 DRM (A3SA) with the newly introduced add-on license, ushering in advanced content protection measures.
  • Flexible Configuration: The 1RU appliance includes an ATSC 3.0 RF input for seamless reception of the next-generation RF signal. Users can tune to an ATSC 3.0 signal and decode up to four services, with demodulated ALP IP ATSC 3.0 streams also supported.
  • Output Versatility: Decoded services are output via 4x3G-SDI for UHD services or 3G/HD/SD-SDI for HD and SD services, ensuring compatibility with a range of existing workflows.
  • Intuitive Control: Unit configuration is effortlessly managed through the intuitive web GUI or APIs like REST and SNMP, providing users with a streamlined experience.

With the release of v1.17.0 software, the ARD 3000 series now supports ATSC 3.0/A3SA DRM descrambling. This cutting-edge functionality necessitates a software upgrade, the installation of the ARD 3×001 add-on license, and the inclusion of a USB security dongle in the unit. Additionally, the unit will require near full-time internet access for key retrieval, ensuring the seamless descrambling of encrypted ATSC 3.0 services.

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