EDO will provide ad engagement data for FuboTV

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 
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Fubo and EDO Partner to Measure Connected TV Advertising Engagement and Outcomes

  • Fubo ad engagement outperforms industry averages across linear TV and streaming by 16% and by 29% on sports networks compared to live linear sports according to EDO TV outcomes data

NEW YORK CITY — EDO, the TV outcomes company, and FuboTV Inc. (d/b/a/ Fubo) (NYSE: FUBO), the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, have partnered to measure consumer behavior across Fubo’s premium sports, news and entertainment content. EDO will provide Connected TV (CTV) ad engagement data across all advertiser campaigns, enabling Fubo to prove its strong ad performance against traditional linear TV and streaming platforms.

In partnering with EDO, Fubo can provide brands and agencies with granular CTV engagement data to attribute direct outcomes to CTV ad campaigns. Initial findings from the partnership indicate that consumers are 16% more likely to engage with ads seen on Fubo overall than they are with ads on traditional linear TV and competitive streaming platforms. Additionally, sports fans are 29% more likely to engage with ads seen on sports networks on Fubo than ads during live sports on the average linear network. This is a testament to Fubo’s power of aggregation by streaming over 55,000 sporting events each year and more than 40,000 TV shows and movies on-demand each month.

EDO also provides Fubo advertising partners with ad engagement trends detailing viewer demographics most engaged with ads on the streaming service. For example, EDO found that men ages 25-54 were 35% more likely to engage with ads on Fubo compared to competitive streaming services and linear TV. At the category level, EDO data showed the same group was 37% more likely to engage with automotive ads, and 72% more likely to engage with telecom ads on Fubo than on linear TV and competitive streaming services. Additionally, women ages 18-34 were 18% more likely to engage with financial services ads on Fubo than on competitive streaming services and linear TV.

“One of the strengths of CTV is its data-driven nature and the ability to measure ad campaigns more deliberately and accurately than on traditional linear TV,” said Dina Roman, SVP, global ad sales, Fubo. “Brands and agencies today are seeking clear insights into the outcomes of their advertising campaigns and that is why we are tapping measurement partners like EDO to reinforce the value of Fubo’s premium content and audience.”

“Modern marketers know that investing in campaigns on Fubo means advertising to a highly engaged audience,” said Kevin Krim, President & CEO, EDO. “By combining Fubo’s streaming expertise with EDO’s robust experience measuring live sports and entertainment events across linear and streaming TV, we’re empowering advertisers to go beyond basic reach metrics and begin measuring the outcomes-based, proof-of-performance insights that determine whether a brand achieves its most important business goals.”

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