Telekom Slovenije Income Still Increasing

Friday, November 28th, 2008
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96% growth of IPTV connections compared to the end of September 2007

LJUBLJANA — Despite big changes in the industry and the competitiveness of the market, Telekom Slovenije (Ljubljana: TLSG) and its subsidiaries are still enjoying growing incomes. The income increased by 10 percent in the first nine months of this year. In that period, Telekom Slovenia Group had an operating income of 643.6. EBITDA increased by seven percent and amounted to 245.1 million euro. Earnings before interest and taxes reached 107.3 million euro and were in the same range as in the same period last year. Net profit amounted to 71.8 million euro. The business results for the first nine months of this year were examined and confirmed by the company Supervisory Board.

Key operation highlights – Telekom Slovenije – Broadband services

In spite of the highly competitive broadband access market in Slovenia, the segment of end user broadband access was by 16% higher at the end of September 2008 compared to the situation at the end of September 2007. The share of xDSL access without TDM telephone ports is increasing and already represents 29%.

Number of broadband ports – end users:

                        30.9.2007  30.9.2008  Index 08/07
                        ---------  ---------  -----------
Broadband connections     165,673    191,634          116
xDSL without TDM           21,852     51,779          237
xDSL with TDM             143,505    129,482           90
FTTH                          316     10,355        3,277
WiMAX                           0         18            -

Also the number of VoIP (77% growth compared to the end of September 2007) and IPTV (SiOL TV) ports is increasing (96% growth compared to the end of September 2007, from 33,580 to 65,929 connections). Cable TV ports are marketed in packages and separately on FTTH access. End of September 2008, the number of ports was 4,236, which is almost 8 times as much as at the end of 2007.

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