Mobile Broadcast TV ready to go with bmcoforum implementation profiles of the OMA BCAST enabler

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

The bmcoforum implementation profiles published today will promote mobile TV becoming a mass market phenomenon

BERLIN — The Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum (bmcoforum) mission is to enable interoperability between back end systems and terminals from different vendors by prioritizing a sub-set of the service layer functionality defined in upcoming standards.

For this purpose and based on commercial requirements from the bmcoforum members, profiles of the OMA BCAST enabler specifications have been developed including those functions of OMA BCAST that have been agreed between operators, system and handset vendors to be a top priority in early deployments of Mobile TV Broadcast based on DVB-H and 3G cellular networks.

The main objective of this activity is to facilitate and accelerate the development of OMA BCAST implementations by focussing initial implementations intended for the launch of mobile TV services. This way, time to market can be shortened while maximizing interoperability from the start. Implementers of the profiles may of course implement more functions of OMA BCAST on top of the basic set described in the bmcoforum implementation profiles. All European commercial Mobile TV Broadcast services which were launched in 2008 are based on the bmcoforum implementation profiles of the OMA BCAST enabler.

After having been initially exclusively available for bmcoforum members the documents are available now for public download.