Increased dynamics of mobile broadcast TV around the world in 2009

Monday, March 1st, 2010

New commercial services introduced to the market over all continents

BERLIN — More countries started commercial mobile broadcast TV services in 2009 or laid the basics for market offers in 2010: CMMB service in 280 Chinese cities, new DMB 2.0 service in Korea, ISDB-T (1seg) in Brazil and other South-American countries, the widened FLO TV device spectrum and ATSC-M/H progress in the US and DVB-H services in 5 African countries, new DVB-H licenses in the UAE, Poland and Moscow and the DVB-SH hybrid satellite/terrestrial live network in Paris are some of the examples.

The updated bmcoforum report “Mobile Broadcast Business Models – Progress of Country-specific Implementations (Update 02/2010: With latest status and new countries addressed)” describes the recent regulatory framework and implementation status as of the beginning of 2010 in countries with existing mobile TV service offers. Some details on the business models, the offered content, the network coverage and the marketing approaches are given.

Altogether, 36 countries are included in the report, with new chapters on China, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Korea, Namibia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan and 5 South-American countries. The status of all other countries has been updated.

On the basis of this report, it can be concluded that the main bottle necks for mobile broadcast TV are lacks of viable business models, low device variety, slow licensing processes. Despite these limiting factors, the number of mobile broadcast TV users considerably increased around the world in 2009, with high dynamics in Asia and other continents to follow.

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