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EU: Council and Parliament strike deal on right-to-repair directive
Feb 2, 2024 – The European Council and Parliament have reached a provisional deal on the directive that promotes the repair of broken or defective goods, also known as the right-to-repair (R2R) directive.
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EU set to enhance cross-border access to online content
Apr 15, 2019 – The EU is taking steps to increase the number of TV and radio programmes available online for European consumers. The Council has adopted a directive which will facilitate the licensing of copyright-protected material contained in such programmes so that they can be made available throughout the EU.
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European Council proposes revised directive on audiovisual media services
May 23, 2017 – The European Council has proposed a revised directive on audiovisual media services. The main elements are: the same rules will apply to both TV broadcasting and on-demand services; more effective procedures to deal with cross-border services are provided; and promotion of European works will also apply to on-demand service providers.
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