Digital TV News: Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

Pioneer Telephone Coop selects Amino DVR set-top boxes for deployment
Oct 26, 2011 – Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is to deploy Amino's (AIM: AMO) Aminet A540 DVR IPTV/OTT set-top boxes as part of its Pioneer DTV IPTV service. Pioneer serves over 40,000 customers across more than 74 communities in Western Oklahoma.
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Minerva IPTV Platform Powers Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Television Deployment
Mar 10, 2010 – Minerva Networks has announced that Pioneer Telephone, the fourth largest telephone cooperative in the United States, has successfully completed the migration from a legacy third-party system to the Company's platform.
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Amino's Pioneer-ing IPTV HD contract
Sep 14, 2009 – Amino Communications (LSE: AMO) has won a significant order from Pioneer Telephone Cooperative for high definition (HD) set-top boxes (STBs). Oklahoma-based Pioneer will use Amino's A130 and A130M STBs.
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Verimatrix Now Secures Pioneer Telephone Digital TV
Nov 10, 2008 – Verimatrix has announced that Pioneer Telephone Cooperative has deployed the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS®) for IPTV for its video-on-demand and live broadcast services on its Pioneer Digital TV service.
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