Digital TV News: Amit Shetty

Pixalate releases global H2 2023 SSAI benchmark report
Jan 17, 2024 – Pixalate has released its H2 2023 Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) benchmark report, analyzing the state of SSAI implementation across top Connected TV (CTV) platforms.
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IAB Tech Lab announces ads.cert 2.0 authentication protocols
Sep 30, 2021 – IAB Tech Lab has announced ads.cert 2.0, a standard introduced to enhance security in the digital advertising ecosystem. In particular, the protocols secure buying and selling of programmatic CTV ad inventory.
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IAB Tech Lab releases OTT/CTV ads.txt and app-ads.txt specifications
Dec 15, 2020 – IAB Tech Lab has released for comment its authorized digital sellers list (ads.txt) specification and its mobile app counterpart (app-ads.txt) to address transparency and anti-fraud for Connected TV and OTT inventory.
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