Digital TV News: Batelco

Vianeos provides revamped UX for Batelco TV in Bahrain
Feb 13, 2020 – Vianeos has announced the launch of services for Batelco. Vianeos has revamped Batelco TV by developing a new User Experience and Interface. The new Batelco TV application is available on the Bahrain operator’s legacy AOSP set top boxes.
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Batelco BlackBox Pioneers Broadband TV in Bahrain using Oregan Digital TV Middleware
Nov 30, 2012 – Oregan Networks has announced that Batelco, the largest telecom operator and ISP in Bahrain, has based the country's first broadband video service on set-top boxes using Oregan's technology.
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Batelco Announces Launch of TV Over Broadband in Bahrain
Sep 18, 2011 – Batelco has announced that IPTV will soon be available for broadband customers. Batelco subscribers who are residents of Reef Island are able to sign up for IPTV today. Batelco will deliver IPTV in partnership with Selevision.
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