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TV could be catalyst for voice shopping, Connekt study finds
Apr 5, 2018 – A study by Connekt suggests TV could be the missing link to spur voice purchases using voice-controlled devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. The study finds consumers are strongly interested in using them to buy items that appear on the screen as they’re watching TV.
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Connekt adds voice activation via Google Home to its TV ad engagement platform
Feb 1, 2018 – Connekt is preparing for a remote-less future by adding voice capabilities to its linear TV ad engagement solution. Now, viewers with Google Home devices can interact with brands that are featured on TV and purchase goods using only their voices.
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76% of consumers would buy products through their TVs
Dec 21, 2017 – Americans are highly interested in purchasing products directly from TV commercials and programs using their remotes, according to a new t-commerce study released by Connekt. However, many don’t realize the capability currently exists.
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