Wi-Fi Direct-Enabled Digital Televisions Will Approach 80 Million by 2015

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 
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The first applications to adopt Wi-Fi Direct include mobile PCs, mobile phones, and digital televisions (DTVs). These devices share a trait: they are the respective centers of the PC,CE, and mobile device clusters, and they ship in the hundreds of millions of devices annually. Wireless display of images and video is a major aim of Wi-Fi Direct, so the main display in most homes will be a key target and a new In-Stat research report, Wi-Fi Direct: It’s All About the Software (#IN1104983MI), forecasts that by the year 2015 nearly 80 million DTVs will be Wi-Fi Direct-enabled.

“One significant question surrounding to Wi-Fi Direct is will it ultimately help to increase the penetration of Wi-Fi? The answer is, marginally if at all,” says Brian O’Rourke, Research Director. “Wi-Fi is already doing very well, with increasing penetration rates throughout PCs, PC peripherals, CE devices, and mobile phones. As a peer-to-peer networking technology, Wi-Fi Direct may be the most help in CE, where Wi-Fi’s impact has been more modest than in the PC world. It is in the CE market, particularly portable CE devices, where Wi-Fi Direct may have the most added value.”

Other details from the report include:

  • Mobile PCs will adopt Wi-Fi Direct more quickly than any other application.
  • Every PC, CE device and mobile phone that ships in 2014 with Wi-Fi silicon will be Wi-Fi Direct-enabled.
  • Wi-Fi Direct-enabled device shipments will reach 173 million by 2011.

Recent In-Stat research, Wi-Fi Direct: It’s All About the Software (#IN1104983MI) includes annual penetration forecasts through 2015 for Wi-Fi Direct in 21 separate applications in four product segments:

  • PCs including: mobile PCs and desktop PCs
  • PC Peripherals including: printers & multifunction peripherals, keyboards and mice, USB Wi-Fi adapters, and speakers & audio adapters
  • Consumer electronics including: digital televisions, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, digital set top boxes (STBs), streaming media players, portable media players, video game consoles, handheld game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players and recorders, digital photo frames, and e-readers
  • Communications including: mobile phones
  • Company profiles including: Atheros, Broadcom, ConnectSoft, CSR, Intel Corp, LG Electronics, Marvell Semiconductor, Ozmo Devices, Qualcomm, Ralink, Realtek Semiconductor, and Wi-Fi Alliance

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