Bahamas Digital TV News

Cable Bahamas expands FTTH; plans IPTV
Aug 10, 2015 – Cable Bahamas has announced the expansion of its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service to over one hundred homes in Victoria Gardens. With the extra capacity, Cable Bahamas plans to offer IPTV as well as other enhancements.
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BTC Bahamas IPTV trial to begin in December
Nov 12, 2014 – BTC, the main telecommunications provider in the Bahamas, has announced that following an upgrade to its network, it will begin testing a TV service in Bimini in December.
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BTC to test IPTV in the Bahamas
Oct 2, 2014 – At the opening of a new store in Long Island, BTC Bahamas CEO Leon Williams announced that the company is planning an IPTV trial in the Southern Islands.
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