TDC adds 30k TV customers in 3Q09

Friday, November 6th, 2009
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark — TDC (Copenhagen:TDC) has today published financial statements for the third quarter of 2009.

TDC Group – Consumer

Consumer is the leading provider of landline and mobility services to residential and SoHo customers in Denmark. The landline services include PSTN and VoIP telephony, ADSL broadband, TVoIP, CPE and various value added services, e.g. security services.

In January 2009 TDC introduced its broadband-based multiplay TDC HomeTrio and TDC HomeDuo products. There has been significant interest in these products, and since January, 85,000 TDC HomeDuo and 64,000 TDC HomeTrio products have been sold.


YouSee is the largest TV distributor in Denmark and provides TV signals for approximately 45% of all Danish households. YouSee offers cable TV, broadband services and telephony. To enhance its position as a leading provider of easily accessible TV packages for both new and existing TV sets, YouSee removed its digital encryption of these channels in 3Q 2009 – more than a month before the terrestrial analogue TV network was shut down in Denmark on November 1, 2009. Consequently, all YouSee cable TV customers have access to digital TV at no additional charge. The add-on product YouSee Plus provides further digital TV solutions to customers with on-Demand TV, including movie rental, start-again, pause and reeling functions.

TV customers (‘000):

3Q 2009  2Q 2009 | 4Q 2008  3Q 2008 | 4Q 2007
-------  -------   -------  -------   -------
  1,225    1,195 |   1,140    1,134 |   1,105

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