DiBcom Selected by Huawei for Latin America Datacard with High Definition TV

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
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DiBcom’s new Octopus programmable chip DIB10096 is enabling Full-Seg ISDB-T HD TV reception on 3G/HSPA USB dongles in Latin America

PARIS — DiBcom announced the selection of its newest chip, the DIB10096, by Huawei, World’s Number One manufacturer of 3G/HSPA dongles. This chip is the first one on the market to support Full-Seg ISDB-T for mobile usage, thus enabling High Definition TV reception on PCs in Latin America along with high speed Internet access.

The Latin American market is becoming very attractive for Mobile TV, after several countries have selected and launched the Japanese ISDB-T standard, e.g. Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The ISDB-T signal offers two levels of resolution for each TV program, one in low resolution targeting mostly mobile phones with small size screens and the other one in high resolution providing 1080p HD quality. 3G/HSPA datacards are very popular in Latin America, and operators have realized the additional benefit for consumers to receive Free-To-Air Live TV along with the capability to surf on the Internet. Since datacards are used on PC with larger screens, the requirement for higher definition TV is obvious.

DIB10096 is also capable of demodulating other TV standards like CMMB, DVB-T, DAB, T-DMB, or DVB-SH by simple software download; so offers a versatile solution for Huawei to offer this product with fast time-to-market anywhere in the World..

“After the 3G/DVB-T dongle launched by Huawei in Europe in 2008 with DiBcom’s DVB-T solution, we are pleased to contribute to another innovation of Huawei for the huge South American Market. This is made possible, thanks to our new programmable platform Octopus which gives the fastest time to market, for any of the TV standards used around the World”, said Yannick Levy, CEO of DiBcom.

“We are pleased to work again with DiBcom on this project, the exciting new product with high definition TV will enhance the mobile experience for users.”, added Mr. Su Jie, President of Huawei Device mobile broadband product line.