Mobile Phones with HDMI Ports to Ship in the Millions in 2010

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
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The mobile phone market is perhaps the single biggest market for consumer technology devices, shipping in the billions every year, so it makes sense that HDMI chip manufacturers would pursue it. HDMI on mobile phones allows advanced media-centric phones, especially HD-enabled camera phones, to connect to displays, including HDMI-enabled digital televisions. For the first time, the number of mobile phones with HDMI ports will ship in excess of a million units in 2010, says In-Stat. Meanwhile, HDMI has become pervasive in the consumer electronics, accounting for over 350 million devices shipping in 2010.

“The emergence of phones that can capture 720p HD video has helped HDMI gain penetration over the last year,” says Brian O’Rourke, Principal Analyst. “HDMI faces significant challenges in this market, however. First, phone vendors and wireless service providers must be convinced to include an additional port on their devices. Second, HDMI faces increased competition from new interfaces such as the Mobile High-definition Link (MHL).”

Some of the findings include:

  • Overall HDMI device shipments will increase by 20.8% annually through 2014.
  • DVI device shipments will increase through 2011 before starting a slow decline.
  • HDMI is gaining traction in mobile PCs, graphics cards, and PC monitors.
  • DVI device shipments will begin its slow decline in 2011 due to competition from both DisplayPort and HDMI.

Recent In-Stat research, DVI and HDMI: DVI Won’t Die and HDMI Rolls On (#IN1004688MI), gives annual penetration forecasts through 2014 for both DVI and HDMI by:

  • Five product segments; PCs, PC peripherals, CE devices, mobile phones, and automobiles.
  • 20 separate applications including desktop and mobile PCs, mobile PC docking stations, aftermarket graphics cards, LCD PC monitors, business projectors, digital signage, digital televisions, SD DVD players and recorders, blue laser DVD players and recorders, audio/video receivers, game consoles, digital camcorders, digital still cameras, portable media players, and mobile phones.
  • Analysis of DVI and HDMI market drivers and barriers.
  • Examination of HDMI, DVI, and competing technologies.
  • Profiles of silicon and IP suppliers including: Analog Devices, Analogix Semiconductor, Broadcom, NXP Semiconductor, Panasonic, Parade Technologies, Silicon Image, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, TranSwitch, and Zoran.

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