Digital TV Labs' consultancy service deploys DVB-T2 trial package in Malaysia

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Digital TV Labs logo

LONDON, UK — Digital TV Labs, which provides independent, specialised conformance products and services for DVB-based markets, has extended the reach and availability of its market expertise by providing comprehensive DVB-T2 deployment consultancy services to the broadcast industry.

As the world’s largest independent digital TV receiver testing company, Digital TV Labs is now leveraging its rich expertise to trial and launch successful DVB-T2 services. It’s providing a wide range of services including conformance regime and specification consultancy, receiver test specifications, test suites, network field testing, supply chain advice and the implementation and operation of test regimes.

The company deployed its unique DVB-T2 trial package for the recent test in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia. This was overseen by the company’s new Malaysian Lab. Special DVB-T2 test streams were authored and RF measurements taken in the field to allow the selection of the most appropriate transmission parameters.

Keith Potter, CEO, Digital TV Labs, explains, “We are working closely with operators and broadcasters advising on the technical aspects of DVB-T2 deployment. With our unique knowledge of the receiver supply chain, we can ensure that receiver specifications are practical to encourage a competitive market therefore driving consumer take-up.”

Digital TV Labs is an official partner of DTG Testing in the UK for Freeview HD DVB-T2 testing. Evora iSuite also provides test support for a number of other DVB-T2 profiles including those under the auspices of NorDig in Scandinavia. The company can supply test specifications and test suites for specific profiles in less than a month. It can also train and advise about procurement to organisations wishing to set up local receiver testing facilities or can provide a complete outsourced test environment.

Potter adds, “With many countries – especially across Asia and sub-Saharan Africa – looking to adopt DVB-T2, understanding how to provide a technical environment that then facilitates the take-up of services is vital in every deployment. There are considerable challenges in ensuring that conformant and cost-effective receivers are available.”

Digital TV Labs is also supplying consultancy services to the Cypriot regulator the Cyprus Radio Television Authority for its DVB-T rollout.