Denmark's TDC and YouSee Deploy Agama Monitoring for TV Service Quality Assurance

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
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LINKÖPING — Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert, today announces that the leading Danish communications service providers TDC Group and YouSee have selected to deploy an Agama solution for head-end and distribution monitoring in their Microsoft® Mediaroom® IPTV platform. The solution will support TDC and YouSee in assuring the quality of the nationwide IPTV service, enabling efficiency in processes such as problem discovery, impact analysis, data mining and SLA management.

TDC and YouSee together have well over 50% market share of the Danish pay-TV market with approximately 1.5 million, and growing, TV subscriptions. For their Microsoft Mediaroom based IPTV service, available under the TDC brand and with approx 200,000 subscribes, they are now implementing an Agama DTV Monitoring Solution, which will provide real-time and historical understanding of the performance, QoE and QoS throughout the head-end and network. With a solid insight into where problems originate as well as their distribution and impact on the viewing experience, TDC and YouSee can keep service quality high and problem discovery quick and efficient, ultimately enabling a rapid and cost-effective TV service growth with a high customer satisfaction.

“Our extensive experience and proven off-the-shelf product line puts Agama in a position to swiftly and capably support operators like TDC and YouSee in their growth, with unique control of both quality and costs, all independent of transmission standards and distribution platform brands,” says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. “It’s with great pleasure we start our cooperation with these two thriving operators, and we look forward to supporting them going forward in their strategic service assurance work.”

The roll-out includes powerful and versatile video service quality assurance probes, Agama Analyzers, for massive and in-depth monitoring in YouSee’s TV head-end, as well as in strategic locations across TDC’s distribution network. All service monitoring information is stored, managed and presented by the central Agama Enterprise Server EX with Performance Management capabilities, enabling and facilitating advanced diagnostics and alarming, detailed and tailored reporting and data mining, sophisticated quality and availability statistics, efficient SLA management, and much more.