Zenverge transcoder IC supports 10-bit HEVC and Ultra HD 4Kp60

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
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Zenverge Announces the ZN480, the World’s Highest Performance Transcoder with 10-bit High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) 4Kp60 Support

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Zenverge, a leader in advanced content networking solutions, today announced the ZN480 supporting the latest video codecs and highest resolution broadcasting standards with up to 8xHD or 2xUltra HD performance. With the rising popularity of the HEVC compression standard and Ultra HD 4K content, the ZN480 was developed to both address the in-home transcoder market and the industry’s escalating interest in cloud-based video and network DVR services. ZN480 supports HEVC at Main and Main10 profiles, H.264 and MPEG-2 at up to 4Kp60 Ultra HD resolution. Its programmable hardware security subsystem includes DDR encryption and sandboxing with support for multiple CAS and DRM standards.

Zenverge is able to create the World’s fastest transcoder by leveraging it’s patented, scalable and extensible single pipeline architecture. The ZN480 uniquely supports up to 8x realtime transcoding of a single HD stream or up to 8 individual HD transcodes by time slicing the pipeline. In addition, the highly optimized, patented memory architecture requires only 1 DDR part for 4xHD performance versus 4 to 6 DDR parts required by the competition.

“Zenverge is once again pioneering a new class of content networking solutions and has leveraged its unique transcoding architecture to enable multiple high growth markets,” said Amir Mobini. “ZN480 is the only solution that is capable of supporting HEVC Main and Main 10 at 8xHD performance thereby enabling customers to advance their platforms to achieve the highest level of efficiency while maintaining complete interoperability with existing device capabilities.”

ZN480 is designed to lower operators’ OPEX for delivery of a wide range of convergent TV services including WebTV and OTT, as well as traditional IPTV and cable applications.

ZN480 Key features include:

  • Highest performance with up to 8 simultaneous HD or 2 Ultra HD transcodes, including a combination of 1 Ultra HD and 3 HD transcodes
  • Support for HEVC Main and Main 10 profiles
  • HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 encode
  • Dual core CPU with L2 cache for application processing
  • Motion adaptive deinterlacing
  • Support of DDR4 and DDR3 memory parts
  • Ports for PCIe, USB 3.0, RGMII, TS and more
  • Fully supports streaming standards including DASH, DLNA, HLS, HDS and Smooth Streaming
  • Fully supports DRMs including TiVoGuard, DTCP-IP and more.

ZN480 also offers backwards SW compatibility with all existing ZN200 applications, uses the least amount of external DRAM of any solution at the lowest cost, and offers the lowest power consumption per channel of HD with ultra low power standby mode.

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Zenverge ZN200 solution is the highest volume 4xHD production solution in the market today and has been designed into Verizon VMS and TiVo Stream, Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro.