ER-Telecom announces new STB from Humax

Monday, May 12th, 2014
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The TV of the future has come to Russia

The citizens of 55 Russian cities have been provided the opportunity to watch «the TV of the future»: with a new set-top box offered by TV, favourite shows and series are available on mobile devices for 3 days after the airing. There are also other useful functions to help customize the TV experience, such as video-on-demand by the world studios and multi-level content search.

You can buy the new generation STB, when connecting to HDTV. All new users of this service receive an exclusive offer – Viasat Premium HD channel package (6 premium HD channels) for 3 months at just RUB 1.

Today, people don’t want to build their schedules around the TV program, however, to miss am important match or an interesting show is disappointing. The second generation STB enables TV users for the first time to make use of catch-up service, allowing to watch the shows of 30 popular TV channels within 3 days after the airing.

Sometimes, a different situation may occur – the match will finish in half an hour, but you have to leave home right now. The multiscreen function allows «watching TV» on any mobile device with iOS or Android, connected to the internet. The gadgets have access to 60 TV channels online and 30 as a catch-up service. Besides, a mobile device can be used as a remote control – this solution is convenient for searching TV shows and movies, entering text and passwords. TV subscribers are provided with 159 digital TV channels (with 52 channels in HD format), but still sometimes «there’s nothing to watch». In this case, your option is video-on-demand with access to the video library comprising dozens of thousands of movies, shows, series, and cartoons. The major part of them is in free access, and the subscription to VoD by the world studios can be purchased right from the TV screen.

The multi-level search will not let you get lost in the offered diversity of content. By typing in the search line the actor’s name, for example, you can get the complete information about the movies and shows with this actor on air and in the video library.

The new solution by has been developed for a year by the Russian and foreign industry leaders. One-of-the-kind look of the STB and the remote was designed by the British V2 Studios. One of the best manufacturers of digital STB, the Korean company Humax, and the largest American manufacturer of remote controls Universal Electronics have brought the design to life. Russian digital-agency JetStyle developed an innovative use interface, and the Swiss company NagraVision ensured content security. The project’s general contractor SOTAL Interactive brought all the elements together by developing unique software to create a revolutionary solution for digital TV in Russia.

With the new STB, TV becomes manageable, learns to respond to the needs of different family members similarly to other modern services, and becomes an important element of their life instead of being just a background picture. To date, about 500 thousand families have already tried and appreciated the opportunities offered by TV.