Mobilink Mobile TV launches with SPB TV in Pakistan

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
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MWC2015: SPB TV Presented Advanced Mobile TV Technology and New Service Launches in Emerging Markets

BARCELONA, Spain — Mobile World Congress 2015 — Switzerland’s SPB TV AG, a leading global provider of end-to-end OTT TV, IPTV and mobile TV solutions, showcased its newest mobile TV technology and announced new service launches in emerging markets at the Mobile World Congress 2015 on 2-5 March 2015 in Barcelona.

Partnering with Intel® and Kontron, SPB TV presented a new high-capacity and energy-saving Mega Encoder for mobile TV, OTT TV and IPTV. It straddles SPB TV’s encoding with Intel® Quick Sync Video technology, Intel® Media Server Studio, and Kontron SYMKLOUD. The result is an increased capacity of up to 100 HD channels of simultaneous multi-rate transcoded video streams and dramatic saving of energy (up to 5 times better than its standard transcoder) with better cooling.

“We’re thrilled that our close collaboration with SPB TV is helping to bring great quality video for OTT and IPTV solutions across the world and to fully utilize programmable graphics and media accelerators,” commented Jeff McVeigh, General Manager, Intel Corporation’s Performance Client and Visual Computing Group. “SPB TV is leading an exciting and forward-thinking segment of the video and cloud TV delivery solutions,” said Sven Freudenfeld, Telecom-Cloud Business Development, EMEA, Kontron.

Alongside other innovations, SPB TV showcased its new OTT TV platform featuring 4K encoding and the “swipe” feature. The 4K solution for video encoding and streaming in real time is available for telecom operators as a part of SPB TV Media Platform. The smooth multiscreen experience with the “swipe” feature makes switching between devices easy and fun, allowing users to simply swipe content on a smartphone or a tablet to a TV set.

Following up on its fast-growing consumer base in emerging markets such as South America, South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, SPB TV now presented a new service launch in Pakistan, Mobilink Mobile TV, Pakistan’s first mobile TV launched on Mobilink Networks on the new 3G/LTE license. Powered by SPB TV platform and launched in association with Nizara Communications, it is a one stop for watching Pakistan’s most popular satellite TV channels. Over 40 million people worldwide watch OTT TV through SPB TV services, and SPB TV recently released OTT TV Survey 2014, sharing developments of OTT TV use in emerging markets.

“We are delighted that SPB TV team was able to support us with the launch of service at short notice in time for Cricket World Cup, a world class sporting event. We and our customers are thrilled with the technology and experience and are looking forward to our future developments together”, said Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data, Mobilink. “We are continuing our work with SPB TV in addressing needs of more than 10,5 million smartphone subscribers in Pakistan, adding more features to our App, available on all major platforms,” said Nizara Communications’ Executive Director Imran Akhtar Shah.

“Emerging markets continue to provide a serious potential for growth and reinvent mobile TV”, said Kirill Filippov. “The large consumer base and usually better, conducive regulations in those markets mean more new products, new technology and better return on investment for mobile TV.”

Discussing the mobile industry futures on Mobile World Live TV in the digital economy and net neutrality debate, SPB TV’s Kirill Filippov stated: “Net neutrality means better technology development and better competition, and eventually more revenues”, adding that “it might not often be favoured by telecoms but in the long-term it is good for the industry and where its future is.”