QUALCOMM and Siano Sign FLO Chip Agreement

Monday, June 18th, 2007
Siano Mobile Silicon logo

SAN DIEGO — QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions, and Siano Mobile Silicon, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for mobile digital TV (MDTV), today announced that the companies have signed a royalty-free agreement that enables Siano to use QUALCOMM’s patented technologies to design, manufacture and sell certain semiconductor chip products that implement FLOTM technology. This license agreement paves the way for Siano to develop a multi-standard MDTV receiver chip supporting FLO, in addition to other standards.

FLO technology, a broadcast innovation and key component of the MediaFLO™ System, is a globally-recognized air-interface technology with multiple technical specifications ratified by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Furthermore, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R), recently recognized FLO as an ITU-R recommended technology for the broadcasting of multimedia and data applications for mobile reception on handheld devices. The FLO air interface is designed to increase capacity and coverage and reduce cost for multimedia content delivery to mobile handsets.

Siano, a global provider of multi-standard MDTV receiver chips, has been a member of the FLO Forum for the past year. The agreement with QUALCOMM enables Siano to develop and market FLO chips to its customers, with possible integration onto its multi-standard chip.

“QUALCOMM is pleased to sign this FLO agreement with Siano, the second company to participate in QUALCOMM’s FLO chip program, announced in September 2006 and designed to enable companies to develop and market FLO chips incorporating QUALCOMM’s patented technologies without payment of royalties to QUALCOMM,” said Marv Blecker, president of QUALCOMM Technology Licensing. “This agreement with Siano reinforces the strength of this program and demonstrates the growing demand around the world for high-quality mobile broadcast services.”

“The agreement with QUALCOMM exhibits a natural progression of the theme led by Siano, namely the multi-standard mobile TV concept,” said Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano. “Signing this agreement follows the requirement of some of our customers that are seeking an independent FLO solution, either as a standalone chip or as a hybrid with other mobile TV standards. We are fully committed to continuing to provide our customers with TV EVERYWHERE solutions.”

On September 8, 2006, QUALCOMM announced a broad-based licensing program to enable the development, manufacture and sale of FLO-enabled handsets. Subject to QUALCOMM’s standard terms and conditions, QUALCOMM will license its essential FLO patents for use in multi-mode CDMA/FLO handsets with no increase to its standard royalty rate for CDMA-based handsets. CDMA includes CDMA2000® and/or WCDMA (UMTS). For FLO handsets that do not also implement CDMA, QUALCOMM will license its essential FLO patents on terms and conditions that are fair, reasonable and free from unfair discrimination. Companies interested in licensing FLO patents should contact QUALCOMM at 1-858-587-1121 and ask to speak with QUALCOMM Technology Licensing.

Information on the benefits of FLO technology and technical details on the FLO specification are available from the FLO Forum (www.floforum.org). The FLO Forum is a multi-company initiative committed to advancing the global standardization of FLO technology. Composed of industry-leading organizations, the FLO Forum works to develop products and services, based on FLO technology, that enable the delivery of advanced multimedia services to wireless consumers. The FLO Forum is organized to promote the global standardization of FLO technology, including compliance and certification benchmarks for the technology. The FLO Forum recently gained official approval and publication of the FLO Air Interface Specification by the TIA TR-47.1 Subcommittee.