More than 69 million pay TV subscribers in Latin America in Q2 2015

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
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Dataxis Research Analyzes The Performance Of The Region’s Pay-TV Market

BUENOS AIRES — Dataxis introduces figures of its updated Q2 2015 global intelligence study. The Latin American pay-TV market has exceeded 69 million subscribers, equivalent to a 37.7% penetration over total households. The segment was hit by a rarefied economic context, which was translated into a 5% annual growth rate.

Latin American Pay-TV groups market share Q2 2015 - América Móvil, DIRECTV, Televisa, Telefónica (Telefônica), Clarín

Even though Satellite pay-TV once again leads the technology ranking with 50.1% of the total number of subscribers, it showed a lower growth rate and as a consequence lost share. Dataxis explains that 80.3% of the customers is subscribed to a Digital pay-TV alternative, while HD reached a 32.9% penetration over the total number of subscribers.

The seven largest Latin American markets agglomerate 86.6% of the subscribers: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Brazil is the market with the highest number of pay-TV subs: 28.5% of the total. As of Q2 2015, Venezuela is the country with the highest home penetration; boosted by CANTV Satellite’s low cost model.

América Móvil is the group with the highest number of recorded pay-TV subscribers by Q2 2015: 21.1% of the total. The group is followed in volume by DIRECTV, Televisa, Telefónica and Clarín.

The subscription video OTT services added 8.8 million active accounts. Netflix is the leader of the segment with 57.5% of the market. Meanwhile, Mexico is the country with the highest share of OTT accounts: 45.5%.