Intertrust applauds launch of Tivùon!

Monday, July 18th, 2016
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Intertrust Applauds the Launch of Tivùon!, Italy’s First Open Internet TV Service

ROME & SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Intertrust Technologies Corporation, the world’s leading provider of secure and trusted distributed computing products and services, applauds its partner Tivù for their launch of Tivùon!, Italy’s first open standards-based Internet TV service. Tivù is a joint venture of commercial broadcaster Mediaset, state broadcaster RAI and the country’s largest telephone network operator, Telecom Italia. Tivù also operates services for satellite and digital terrestrial TV, with its Tivùsat service being Italy’s primary free TV satellite platform, reaching 2.2 million households.

Tivùon! provides a unified program guide and catch-up TV services on Internet TV sets and set top boxes, allowing Italian viewers to enjoy rich TV programming from top broadcasters and content providers. Tivù expects Tivùon! to grow rapidly and reach over 3 million Italian households by the end of 2016.

Intertrust and Tivù joined forces in 2010 to add world-class Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to the Tivùon! platform that is based on the open Marlin DRM standard. Created by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony, Marlin DRM is the world’s only open standard for DRM technology, and is broadly deployed around the world. In addition, Intertrust’s Seacert certificate authority provides root key services for authentication and regionalization to Tivùon!.

“We founded Tivù in 2008 to provide Italian TV viewers open, free and accessible viewing options that are devoid of proprietary agendas,” said Alberto Sigismondi, chief executive officer of Tivù. “In designing Tivùon!, we selected the best open standards technologies available, MHP, DASH, CENC, Marlin, and in 2017, HbbTV. This provides a scalable, cost-effective, market friendly technology stack to our hardware and service provider partners, and ultimately a free-of-charge solution to Italian TV viewers.”

Tivùon! is initially available on TVs from LG and Samsung, and on Tivùsat and other terrestrial set top boxes manufactured by ADB, Humax and Sagemcom. Tivù plans to expand this service to all Internet TVs in the Italian market. With over 25 million households, a rich broadcaster ecosystem, who are served by some of the world’s leading service providers, Italy is a vibrant digital TV market, and an example for other markets.

“Intertrust is proud to be a close partner of Tivù’s and it’s truly heartwarming to see Tivù launch their Internet TV platform,” said Talal Shamoon, Intertrust’s chief executive officer. “Tivù’s extensive use of open standards and inclusive approach to all content providers and broadcasters, gives Italian consumers a fantastic and competitive entertainment experience on popular Internet consumer electronics devices. We are delighted to work with Tivù to provide open standards-based DRM on their platform.”