MTG launches Viareal VR app for the Nordic region

Friday, May 26th, 2017
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MTG launches Viareal – a new dimension of entertainment

MTG has launched Viareal, a virtual reality (VR) app that offers viewers in the Nordic region immersive and interactive experiences. In addition to global sports showpieces such as the 2017 UEFA Champions League final on 3 June, Viareal will deliver exclusive VR content and extensions for esports events, and for MTG’s broadcast and streamed entertainment offerings.

  • Viareal app offers viewers across the Nordic region exclusive VR content and extensions for sports, esports, and MTG’s broadcast and streaming offerings
  • UEFA Champions League final to be available in VR for the first time – free for all Viareal viewers
  • Viareal app is compatible with all up-to-date Android and iOS devices, with Gear VR and with a range of other VR headsets

Through Viareal, viewers can jump right into the centre of the action, visit the dressing room of their favourite sports team or take a virtual tour inside some of MTG’s hit free-TV series such as ‘Paradise Hotel’. Exclusive VR experiences available today include extensions to TV shows, major sports events such as boxing’s ‘Nordic Rumble’, and ESL’s and DreamHack’s global esports competitions.

Viareal will also offer original VR productions tailored for VR platforms and headsets, including ‘Norwegian Love’, ‘Nordic Haute Route’, and ‘VR & Chill’. These productions focus on content that creates an immersive experience.

Anders Jensen, EVP MTG AB, Chairman Nordic Entertainment Board & CEO MTG Sweden: “MTG is constantly evolving to meet changing consumer behaviours – innovation is part of our DNA. The combination of Viareal and MTG’s storytelling will take the viewer experience to the next level, and the UEFA Champions League final is a spectacular occasion to continue exploring this incredible technology.”

To accelerate development of the Nordic VR ecosystem, MTG looks forward to engaging and endorsing third-party VR content creators of original Viareal productions that push the boundaries of the medium. MTG is also supporting creative schools in the Nordic region to educate and engage the next generation of VR talent.

Viktor Ängmo, Head of Product, MTG Tech: “MTG is all about innovation and experimentation. Next up is Viareal – a new dimension of entertainment open to everyone. Just imagine stepping into the UEFA Champions League final or using VR to get behind the scenes of your favourite TV show. The global VR story is just starting, and MTG aims to be a positive force in the ecosystem and to catalyse the Nordic region’s VR possibilities.”

Viareal is available via Google Play and App Store, and via the Oculus Gear VR store from May 31. It is compatible with all up-to-date Android and iOS devices and with Gear VR compatible phones.

Viareal is the latest step in MTG’s VR journey. At the Rio Olympics in August 2016, MTG became the first broadcaster in the Nordic region to bring consumers live sports in 360-degree VR format. During 2017, MTG’s ESL and DreamHack will offer VR live streams from 14 esports mega-events, including ESL One and Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). In March, ESL’s IEM Katowice generated around 340,000 started VR streams.

The Viareal platform and functionality is developed together with Digital Domain, one of the largest and most innovative providers of visual effects and immersive experiences and one of MTG Tech’s partners for Viareal. Digital Domain artists and technologists have been recognized with seven Academy Awards, including three for Best Visual Effects (‘Titanic’, ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Transformers’).