castLabs and Broadpeak debut CMAF-compliant ultra-low latency playback solution

Thursday, August 30th, 2018
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Minimize End-to-end Latency with CMAF Compliant Playback Solution from Broadpeak and castLabs

BERLIN — castLabs, a global partner in premium digital video technology, has newly announced a market-ready CMAF compliant solution for ultra-low end-to-end latency playback with Broadpeak, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide. This CMAF compliant solution can reduce transmission time to less than a second, competitive with satellite live broadcasting, ideal for use cases around interactive TV and live sports.

Where streaming service users are increasingly connecting their devices on-the-go to unmanaged networks, to watch live content, playback is more susceptible to connectivity and bandwidth related latency issues. Latency, the length of time taken to transmit data, is also affected outside the network by the consumption of data by playback applications.

castLabs and Broadpeak’s ultra-low latency solution harnesses castLabs’ PRESTOplay video player SDKs, Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technologies, and your choice of live encoding service to reduce latency at all stages of the content streaming workflow.

At the packaging level, the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) combined with chunked transfer encoding (CTE) enables you to encode small chunks that can be processed on-the-go before they are finished downloading.

At the CDN level, Broadpeak multicast ABR technology of nanoCDN™ kills jitter and removes the need for high amounts of buffering on player side that cause playback delays. You hence preserve playback quality of experience (QoE) across all screens when streaming while keeping latency at its minimum.

At the player level, PRESTOplay video player SDKs take CMAF content encoded into smaller chunks, and can play them sooner than content formatted and encoded differently. Using apps built with PRESTOplay video player SDKs, CMAF content can achieve less than one second latency.

“This easy-to-deploy joint solution allows streaming service providers to minimize end-to-end latency while preserving video quality and benefiting from fully featured player applications for all screens,” said Michael Stattmann, CEO at castLabs.

“Decreasing latency is mandatory in our video delivery systems that play along with very reactive social medias,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “But this cannot be done at the expense of the quality of experience. Broadpeak nanoCDN multicast ABR solution creates the network conditions that allow castLabs player to perform at its best – with high quality combined with low latency.”

Visiting IBC 2018? Discuss our new ultra-low latency solution with either castLabs at booth A.14 in Hall 14, or Broadpeak at booth B.78 in Hall 5.