Foxxum OS 4 to launch with El Araby Group

Thursday, September 1st, 2022 
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Foxxum OS 4 Launches With El Araby Group

KIEL, Germany — The innovator in cutting-edge smart TV solutions, Foxxum, acquires the Egyptian electronics manufacturer El Araby Group as lead customer in Egypt, Middle East, and Africa for Foxxum OS 4 built on RDK in combination with the Amlogic SoC.

Foxxum recently announced its latest release of its operating system for Connected TVs, Foxxum OS 4, which will seamlessly integrate streaming services and applications across all devices within a single OS, while maximizing platform revenues for OEM and TV brands around the world. Due to their long-standing cooperation, El Araby group will now pioneer in the launch of this game-changing Foxxum OS 4 on their CTV devices, profiting also from Foxxum OS 4’s unique revenue share of up to 70% as licensee of the Mission One JVA (Joint Venture Alliance).

The El Araby Group, one of the largest industrial and commercial corporations in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, manufactures and markets a wide range of engineering products such as TVs, home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.), and audio systems among an array of other electronics and appliances from brands such as Sharp, Tornado, and Toshiba. El Araby has recently completed investments in Kenia, Sudan and South Africa to expand the geographic footprint as the regional market leader.

“El Araby has made important investments into expanding the TV business in our target regions. We just recently investigated several CTV OS alternatives like Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV and lately also Tivo. My team came out with a clear statement “Foxxum OS 4” will be a game changer and outperforms alternatives by far in all dimensions. The best possible choice for us. I am looking forward to continuing our great partnership with Foxxum”, says Mohamed Mahmoud El Araby, CEO and Chairman of El Araby.

Through this collaboration, Foxxum OS 4 will be available on all upcoming El Araby smart TV devices, providing all must-carry streaming services and applications within an exceptional UI with customized recommendations while being the most cost-efficient CTV design available on the market. Another major benefit is the Master CTV Reference Product (MCRP) Foxxum OS 4 comes with, which can be manufactured entirely by the licensee.

“Foxxum OS 4 is designed and developed to maximize monetization for our partners. We are delighted that our long-time customer and partner El Araby will be the first to launch and benefit from this next-level Foxxum OS 4. While many companies lately struggled with declining volume, El Araby is growing and investing into building new production facilities across the African continent as well as into a strong increase in its R&D capabilities. One of the future stars in the industry. Very adorable people. A perfect partner to create a lasting success. We are excited to welcome El Araby as one of the selected licensees within the Mission One JVA, which ensure our partners a real entrepreneurial participation.” says Dirk Wittenborg, President of Foxxum GmbH.

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