Ukrainian brand KIVI introduces Smart TV lineup

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 
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Ukrainian Brand KIVI for the First Time Introduces its Smart TV Lineup with Own Content Hub in Europe

IFA Berlin — KIVI, Ukrainian TV developer and manufacturer, for the first time has introduced new product line of medium segment smart TVs. The series includes models from 24″ to 65″ with different resolutions in frameless design.

Product line has received a modern design, which is a result of the work of KIVI own R&D center and 3 international design offices. The models are made in a single stylish concept based on minimalism.


To meet the high standards of picture quality, KIVI uses only class A+ panels, as well as several technological and software features.

KIVI’s own speaker system was developed for the new product line with the support of JVC Kenwood company.

2022 smart TVs run a full-featured Android TV 11 OS with all the benefits of Google services, Netflix app integration and support of any compatible Google Play Market apps. Chromecast support adds the ability to quickly cast content from smartphone wirelessly. Google Assistant is running with voice command recognition.

KIVI TV is not only a device for content broadcasting, but also a media hub with new features available immediately after purchase. Together with the new products, KIVI presents a large-scale media hub application KIVI MEDIA. At no additional cost, immediately after purchase, several sections are available to the user: TV Channels, Workouts and Games.

New design

To create a new design in addition to KIVI’s own R&D 3 international design bureaus were involved. Out of more than 300 proposed options, the most sophisticated minimalistic design was chosen. The width of the visible part of the front frames is only about 2.6 mm.

All models have Direct LED screen backlight technology with an optical distance of only 20 millimeters, which will allow to install TV as close as possible to the wall on a stand or bracket.

TVs from 24″ to 55″ are also available in elegant white color.


KIVI uses only A+ grade panels in its TVs, and R&D has done a lot of work to increase brightness, improve backlight uniformity and rich color gamut of the display. KIVI TVs support HDR not only for files from hard disk, but also when playing content online and gaming.

Super Contrast Control 2.0 technology allows you to automatically change the contrast of the image not only of the entire screen, but also of its individual parts. To ensure that the UltraHD screen performs at its full potential even when viewing content in quality below 4K, the TV’s processor is able to refine the sharpness of the image thanks to UltraClear technology.

Max Vivid is our newest technology that improves an image quality and adds right amount of brightness and saturation by utilizing the power of a built-in powerful chipset.

To make sure that video content looks smooth, and the details are clear our TVs have a built-in MEMC technology.

Blue light protection

By applying a physical filter to our screens, we have managed to reduce the amount of blue light by blocking short, high-frequency waves and allowing long low-frequency waves through. That helps to protect the viewers vision from blue light especially during night-time.

Gaming Features

Kivi TVs are offering best in class gaming features such as VRR and ALLM. They are fully compatible with modern consoles and could automatically change settings to provide the immersive gaming experience.

Sound by JVC

For the new KIVI product line, together with JVC Kenwood, an integrated speaker system was created that perfectly complements the high-quality image with good sound. The proprietary speakers are manually calibrated for each TV model and are enhanced with SRC audio processing and Dolby Audio Processing (DAP). The latter allows you to select sound presets and has additional tools like amplifying the volume of voice or auto-leveling harsh sounds during dynamic scenes or advertising.

Google Android TV 11

In 2020, KIVI has signed contract with Google, that significantly influenced the stability and speed of the operating system. The joint efforts of the R&D departments of KIVI, Google and Mediatek are aimed at optimizing the operation of software and hardware, as well as detailed testing before the release of updated firmware versions. Thanks to the Android TV OS, certified by Google and Netflix, the user has access to all Google services created specifically for the TV platform, a huge number of applications from the Google Play Market, as well as Chromecast technology and Google Assistant.


The remote control was developed in cooperation with the South Korean company Remote Solution. Ergonomics is built on the basis of KIVI and Google research: the buttons are located as intuitively as possible. The remote control works via Bluetooth, is equipped with a microphone and “quiet” buttons. The Air Mouse function is provided: with the help of a gyroscope, the remote control simulates a computer mouse cursor on the TV screen.


Together with the 2022 lineup, KIVI introduced the updated KIVI MEDIA, a branded app for quick access to the best and most diverse partner content. Using KIVI MEDIA user will be able to have access to content immediately after TV unpacking. The KIVI MEDIA proprietary application will be updated regularly and will always have partially free content.

Following content sections are available now:

  • TV Channels: In cooperation with media content provides we offers free and paid TV channels (The list of channels varies in every country)
  • Workouts: pre-recorded workout sessions which features the world class trainers will help viewers to keep their bodies in shape.
  • Games: the section was developed in cooperation with the Boosteroid service (one of the three largest cloud gaming providers in Europe).

Boosteroid technology allows to run demanding modern PC games simply on a TV: the game is launched on the partner’s own servers, and the game process is transmitted via the Internet to the user’s screen, who controls the game from his/her device, for example, from a gamepad. In addition to cloud gaming, free Android games for the whole family are integrated into the section. Control is possible using Bluetooth gamepads, remote control and smartphones, depending on the selected game.

More sections and content will be available in KIVI MEDIA soon.

KIVI TVs of the new model range are already available for sale in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. We are planning to expand into Europe soon. All units come with a 3-year display module warranty.

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