Edgeware and Oregan to Demonstrate Web TV Services Ecosystem at IBC 2008

Thursday, September 11th, 2008
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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and LONDON, UK — Edgeware, the supplier of revolutionary server systems for On-Demand TV, and Oregan Networks, an embedded media browser company, announced today that they plan to demonstrate interoperability between the new Edgeware Reflex Web TV Server and the Oregan Media Browser client solution at IBC 2008.

The combined system targets resolution of the technical and economic challenges of over-the-top video services delivery, via the high aggregate throughput and reduced latency of the Edgeware Reflex 2x WebTV Server and Oregan’s slimline embedded video streaming client for resource-constrained consumer electronics.

Edgeware’s Reflex 2x solid-state servers deliver up to 32,768 concurrent video streams over the public Internet and can be co-hosted close to consumer premises, as they occupy a mere 1U of rack space, consume a maximum of 85 Watt of power and require minimal maintenance. These unsurpassed characteristics allow for dramatic reductions of system OPEX, as well as simplifying and accelerating project roll-out.

Oregan Media Browser, deployed on the Customer Premises Equipment, provides a web standards-based, fast-track media player solution for manufacturers of IP-connected TVs and Set Top Boxes wishing to deploy user-generated and rights-managed Internet video services across a variety of form factors. The software runs an advanced user interface and video applications in a limited memory footprint, allowing for optimal implementation on low cost iDTV and STB media decoder chipsets.

Jon Haley, Director of Business Development at Edgeware said, “Exciting new Web TV services are emerging and service providers are looking to increase both the quality of the content delivered and the connectivity to the various entertainment centers in the home. The combination of our servers with components of Oregan’s software will enable video service providers to quickly create an on-demand premium service that can be received, and if desired, shared in the home.”

Oregan Networks’ VP of Marketing, Milya Timergaleyeva said, “Oregan is pleased to work with Edgeware on creating cost-efficient video distribution systems that remove key hurdles in deployment and operation of web services: performance bottlenecks, maintenance and overall quality of experience. Our successful cooperation was made possible through the best use of Internet standards on both the server and client. Moreover, the standards-based approach facilitates ease of content creation by service vendors in the areas of User Interface design, interactive advertising and video streaming features, such as preview, download and trickmode support.”

See the demo at Edgeware’s Booth (IP241) at this year’s IBC Show.