GTD expands service offering with Viaccess-Orca

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 
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Chilean Operator GTD Expands Service Offerings With Viaccess-Orca

  • VO’s Platform Supports IPTV and OTT Service Delivery, Simplifying Operations and Lowering Costs

PARIS — Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that Chilean telecommunications operator GTD is optimizing its IPTV service and new OTT offering with VO’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP). With VO’s platform, GTD can efficiently manage its service delivery and offer a variety of personalized content, improving audience engagement.

“Subscriber demand for connected, personalized TV experiences is growing in the Chilean region,” said Cristian Carcamo, Director of TV and Multimedia Services at GTD. “VO’s Service Delivery Platform gives us the power to deliver any content to any screen. Thanks to the comprehensive analytics and monetization options on the VO platform, it’s now simpler for us to keep our subscribers engaged and excited about their TV experience.”

VO’s SDP supports the delivery of personalized content to subscribers, including live channels, NPVR, start-over, catch-up, pay-per-view, TVOD, SVOD, season pass, movie package, and VOD promotions and bundles. Integration of VO’s TV Business Analytics on the platform enables GTD to identify actionable insights to optimize monetization and reduce churn.

With VO’s SDP, operations and integrations are simple. The VO platform provides GTD with the flexibility to work with any STB vendor and migrate to Android TV. VO’s SDP also lowers the operator’s costs by integrating back-office operations and third-party components using an open, optimized API layer.

“GTD has an extensive fiber-optic infrastructure that supports TV, internet, and telephony services, and we are thrilled to lead their journey into the OTT environment,” said Philippe Léonetti, CEO of Viaccess-Orca. “Our Service Delivery Platform provides maximum agility, enabling operators to support any type of device, set-top box, and technology platform. The flexibility of our platform helps GTD take its service to new heights, boosting subscriber engagement and streamlining content management.”

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