VIZIO using SpringServe Tiles on Smartcast home screens

Thursday, October 20th, 2022 
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VIZIO Leverages SpringServe Tiles to Enhance Content Discovery and User Experiences on the Home Screen

NEW YORK — SpringServe, the leading independent TV ad serving platform, today announced that VIZIO will be leveraging the SpringServe Tiles solution to enhance the content discovery experience across VIZIO SmartCast for millions of users in the US. Building on its mission to deliver immersive entertainment through cutting-edge smart TVs and ad-supported content, VIZIO’s adoption of SpringServe Tiles will bring sophistication, intelligence, and control to the management of content on the home screen.

VIZIO Smartcast screen

“We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the experience for engaged audiences through innovative and contextually relevant content and messaging,” said Travis Hockersmith, Group Vice President, Platform+ at VIZIO. “SpringServe’s Tiles helps deliver personalized experiences, and simplify the search and discovery process for millions of users, whether searching for subscription or free content.”

Tiles gives publishers flexibility to showcase custom creative within the streaming interface in any size and a wide variety of formats. Publishers can use the functionality to highlight content recommendations or feature non-intrusive display advertising. SpringServe’s advanced ad serving functionality including targeting and reporting are built into the Tiles format, giving publishers workflow efficiency.

“We created Tiles to bring the precision of video ad serving to the content discovery experience users see when they turn on their connected TVs,” said Joe Hirsch, General Manager of SpringServe. “This technology, built off the IAB native ads spec, brings new tools to the most important first impression consumers have with their television, the navigation of the home screen. CTV Native Tiles gives TV manufacturers like VIZIO additional non-interruptive ad experiences in the form of pause ads and sponsored scene selection.”

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