TVP launches VOD powered by Redge Media

Friday, October 21st, 2022 
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Polish national broadcaster launches TVP VOD powered by Redge Media

  • TVP VOD, the major video streaming service in Poland, is delivered on the Redge Media Service Delivery Platform.

TVP, Polish national broadcaster, has launched TVP VOD streaming platform with advanced modern features and for the wide range of end user devices including HbbTV. The new platform integrates the TVP streaming services within a single environment. The major video streaming service in Poland is delivered on the Redge Media Service Delivery Platform.

TVP (Polish Public Television) is one of the top 3 broadcasters in Poland, operating since 1952. It provides high-quality own productions, internationally recognized films and series, news, entertainment, documentaries, education and culture programs dedicated for everyone. It runs 17 live channels such as TVP1, TVP2, TVP3, TVP Info, TVP Sport, TVP Historia (History), TVP ABC, TVP Kultura (Culture). Now, addressing the needs of modern viewer and consolidating its digital offer, it has launched modern, integrated video streaming platform – TVP VOD.

Redge Media Service Delivery Platform is the basis for the consolidation of the TVP streaming proposition under the TVP VOD brand. The comprehensive SDP consists of CMS (Content Management System) and integrated e-commerce supporting video advertisement, analytics and CRM module, providing responsiveness and advanced features. The user interfaces cover mobiles, PCs and Connected TVs including HbbTV.

“Our product development strategy reflects our stand: “Digital First”. The model of media consumption is changing. Our mission is to create the highest media standards in Poland. TVP VOD is supposed to be the heart of digital platform of Polish Television, with very modern functionalities that will bring linear TV to life. Project of this scale of complexity would not have been possible without an extremely experienced technology partner” – stated Marcin Klepacki, Director of Distribution Bureau at TVP Polish Television.

“TVP VOD deployment required commitment on the part of the client and his eagerness for innovation. All existing TVP VOD applications were replaced within one day with new ones based on Redge Media. In just three months we have deployed the complete product including HbbTV. It is probably one of the largest and most important OTT projects launched this year in the CEE region” – stated Mateusz Zawiślak, Director of Online Applications Division at Redge Technologies.

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