Better Software Group and Red Bee Media power Nordisk Film+

Monday, November 21st, 2022 
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Better Software Group and Red Bee Media power Nordisk Film+ streaming service launch for Danish cinema lovers

Red Bee Media, a leading global media services provider, has partnered with Better Software Group to launch Danish entertainment company Nordisk Film’s new streaming service, Nordisk Film+. Nordisk Film+ showcases the biggest selection of Danish films and a wide range of international cinema releases and kids’ content.

The application designed for the Nordic entertainment brand has been created through the close collaboration of Red Bee Media and Better Software Group. Nordisk Film harnesses the full range of Red Bee Media’s managed OTT services as a part of the Red Bee Pulse offering to seamlessly bring its new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service to market and future-proof the company’s streaming proposition. Its unique content offering spanning the best of Danish cinema and a dedicated children’s section is handled and delivered through Red Bee Media’s best-in-breed OTT capabilities, including digital rights management (DRM), content management expertise, and content delivery network services.

Better Software Group delivered an intuitive front-end for the multiplatform solution, available on the web, mobile (iOS & Android), Apple TV, Android TV, and Smart TV (Samsung and LG). The front-end solution is highly responsive, sophisticated, and user-friendly, integrating smoothly with all parts of the Nordisk Film+ application and enabling users to enjoy a high-quality customer experience.

“We’re thrilled to bring the very best of Danish cinema culture to home audiences with the Nordisk Film+ launch,“ said Klaus Odegaard, VP of Acquisition, Marketing & Theatrical Distribution, Nordisk Film. “Partnering with Better Software Group and Red Bee Media’s proven business and technology expertise empowers us to get our service up and running quickly while making it easy for subscribers to enjoy high-quality movies at home.”

Shifting from a multi-service and multi-vendor approach to its SVOD offering, Nordisk Film achieves greater efficiency and simplifies its subscription model with an independent and unified service. This enables Nordisk Film to drive commercial growth and scale across Scandinavian markets.

“With this project’s release, the true success of our work is bringing to the table a solution that will meet and even exceed the highest audience expectations,” said Bartłomiej Lozia, CEO of Better Software Group.”We, as well as the Nordisk Film and Red Bee media crew, have brought our best expertise to achieve a truly outstanding and excellent outcome. I’m happy that the fruits of our work can now be put to test with the people we do this for and who are the toughest but fairest judges – the audience.”

“Red Bee Media is proud to partner with one of the most creative and well-loved media brands in the Nordics, helping Nordisk Film ramp up their digital distribution strategy and deepen subscriber engagement through unique content experiences,” said Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee Media. “The streaming industry is under transformation, and for forward-looking companies like Nordisk Film, future-proofing their business with cutting-edge technology solutions is key.”

Red Bee Media’s OTT services empower an intuitive and family-friendly user experience for Nordisk Film+ through analytics, parental controls, and end-user sub-profiles.

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