Sanoma (Welho)'s Year-End Statement 2008

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 

In 2008, Sanoma (Helsinki:SAA1V)’s net sales grew by 3.5%, totalling EUR 3,030.1 (2007: 2,926.3; 2006: 2,742.1) million.

Sanoma Entertainment

Sanoma Entertainment offers consumers entertaining experiences on television, radio, online and mobile devices. Sanoma Entertainment’s business units include Nelonen Media, primarily focused on broadcast operations, and Welho, Finland’s largest cable television operator.

Net sales from other operations increased clearly in 2008 due to Welho’s strong pay TV and broadband sales. Pay TV business was boosted by investments focused on offering more High Definition (HD) channels. The range of broadband options also increased. The usage of Sanoma Entertainment’s online casual gaming sites increased clearly during the year.

Operational indicators, thousands (31 Dec):

                                         1-12/   1-12/ 
                                          2008    2007
                                         -----   ----- 
Number of connected households             323     319 
Number of pay TV subscriptions             106      86 
Number of broadband internet connections   105      99