Ceramate Introduces World's Smallest DVB-T STB Module

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

  • New CT500 DVB-T mobile STB is addressing the needs of a next generation of portable convergence devices
  • Based on Abilis Systems DVB-T single chip receiver and C&M Microelectronics audio/video decoder
  • Ultra small footprint (20 x 38 mm, one side components) easily embeddable in any portable device with an LCD display
  • Superior performances and power efficiency
  • To be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona

TAOYUAN, Taiwan — Ceramate Technical Co,Ltd., the added value distributor of STB solutions in Taiwan and China, announced today the availability of the CT500 module, the world’s smallest Set Top Box module. The CT500 module is a full featured DVB-T receiver and MPEG2 video decoder: antenna IN , video OUT. As small as 20 x 38 mm, and with an unprecedented power consumption of 850 mW, it ideally fits into any portable device such as DVD player, navigation systems, media players, pocket TVs and any other convergence device. The CT500 was designed as a partnership with Abilis Systems and C&M Microelectronics, two leaders for mobile TV products.

“This module reinforces our strategy to serve our customers with breakthrough added value solutions, ready for a direct integration into their handheld devices,” said Robert Cheng, CEO of Ceramate.”With such a small size and power consumption, not to mention a highly competitive price, DVB-T reception will become a must-have feature.”

The CT500 module is based on the AS-102, a single chip DVB-T receiver from Abilis Systems, produced in a 5mm x 5mm CSP package. Requesting very few external components, this chip enables the smallest footprint for a complete DVB-T receiver. “Our receiver is now a mature product, which has been extensively characterized throughout Europe. Thanks to our software defined radio approach we have been able to steadily improve the performances in real life conditions, to outperform the benchmarked alternative solutions,” declared Yves Mathys, CEO of Abilis Systems.

Schedar1 is an ultra small MPEG-2 single-chip audio/video/system decoder for mobile/portable TV solution. It provides low- power, cost-effective solution, yet with advanced audio/video controls.

“Schedar series are based on proven Video IP solutions (MPEG-2/ H.264 from Chips&Media) which most SoC company have used. Another new product, Schedar2, which is the world’s smallest (7X7 form factor) MPEG-2 decoder includes 16MByte SDRAM inside, is coming soon. We, C&M Microelectronics will continuously provide more competitive Digital Broadcasting Products to mobile/portable customers continuously,” said Jesse Lim, CEO of C&M Microelectronics.

Dr Lee, General Manager of BestImage Co, Ltd declared: “Such a small and high performance module is key to provide our customers with a new generation of portable devices with embedded DTV, appealing with both their slim form factor and long battery life.”

The Ceramate product line of mobile STB will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona early February by Abilis Systems ( 4.4HS02 ).