Expway and LG demonstrate mobile TV reference design at NAB 2009

Monday, April 20th, 2009
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Expway’s Integrated, Feature-Rich Technology Platform Enhances Mobile DTV System Co-Developed by LG Electronics; ESG Helps Broadcasters, Manufacturers Offer Compelling Applications

LAS VEGAS — Two leading players in the nascent ATSC Mobile Digital Television (DTV) market today demonstrated an end-to-end, standards-based reference design aimed at accelerating the rollout of this promising technology by broadcasters and consumer electronics manufacturers.

In a collaborative effort for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2009 convention, LG Electronics is working with Expway, a worldwide leader in mobile DTV solutions. Notable among them is the Expway FastESG™ (Electronic Service Guide), a field-proven, interoperable mobile DTV platform that allows broadcasters to offer viewers a feature-rich experience, monetize new advertising space and deliver new data services.

LG Electronics and its U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith – which along with Harris Corporation developed the technology upon which the fast-emerging ATSC Mobile DTV Standard is based – have been working with Expway to integrate this ESG technology into prototype devices. Building on its technological leadership in this field, LG Electronics is working to integrate ATSC Mobile DTV chips into an array of new-generation devices capable of receiving and displaying mobile DTV, including handheld TVs, personal media players, mobile phones, automotive systems and notebook computers.

Expway, LG and Zenith are demonstrating their integrated double screen mobile TV reference design at NAB 2009 in the ATSC Mobile DTV Pavilion.

“This platform is the first pre-integrated, world-class hardware and rich-application mobile DTV solution,” said Claude Seyrat Ph.D. , Expway’s vice president for marketing and strategy. “As a practical, operable and standards-based design, it can help manufacturers to move more quickly and broadcasters to deploy unique, compelling services to their audience. We are proud to work closely with LG and Zenith, which have been instrumental in defining the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard and with whom we share the values of strict reliability and unbeatable efficiency.”

According to Dr. Jong Kim, president of LG’s Zenith R&D Lab, LG Electronics views Expway’s ESG platform, data broadcasting, targeted advertising and related solutions as “ideal complements to LG’s mobile DTV chipset and consumer product capabilities.” He said, “LG is greatly encouraged by the decision of U.S. broadcasters to make mobile DTV a top priority, and we are fortunate that our colleagues at Expway have provided them with new, marketable applications going forward.”

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) elevated its mobile DTV specifications to candidate-standard status late last year, with final adoption expected this summer. ATSC Mobile DTV allows broadcasters to leverage their existing DTV capabilities by allocating a portion of the channel capacity to reach viewers on the go, thereby creating promising new revenue streams. Broadcasters announced in January their intention to launch mobile DTV on more than 60 stations in 22 markets, covering an estimated 35 percent of U.S. television households.