Digital TV News: ANIXE HD

​​Eutelsat boosts Ultra HD content on 'HOT BIRD 4K1' TV platform
Jun 8, 2015 – Exclusive Ultra HD content broadcast in the 'HOT BIRD 4K1' channel operated by Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) continues to expand and diversify with new input from SPI International and ANIXE HD Television.
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3D content launches on Swisscom TV
May 27, 2010 – Swisscom (Swiss: SCMN) has announced that Swisscom TV plus customers with a 3D television set can now receive 3D broadcasts at no additional cost. Fans of HD will not be disappointed either as the range of HD channels is to be expanded from 1 June.
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Bluewin TV: first channels in HD quality and new TV offering for first-time users
Feb 26, 2008 – Swisscom has added four channels in high-definition quality (HDTV) to its Bluewin TV channel line-up. In addition, for first-time users, Bluewin TV basic, is now available without a hard-disk recorder for CHF 19 a month.
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