Digital TV News: Haohong Wang

TCL launches TCLtv+ streaming service in North America
Aug 24, 2023 – TCL has launched its TCLtv+ streaming service in North America. The service makes available more than 200 FAST channels and 1500+ on-demand movies and TV series on TCL TVs at no cost.
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Amagi and TCL partner on FAST in the U.S.
Jul 13, 2023 – Amagi has been selected by TCL to support TCL TV in the US, delivering FAST channels to the platform via an end-to-end service covering streaming, distribution, and monetization.
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Cineverse to provide programming and technology for TCL TVs
Jun 9, 2023 – TCL and Cineverse (NASDAQ: CNVS) have announced that Cineverse's Matchpoint technology platform has been selected to provide content services for new TCL televisions in North America.
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