Digital TV News: Luca Giacomello

Home Gateway Initiative makes specifications public prior to closure
Jun 28, 2016 – The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), which has been the world’s leading organisation setting requirements for the broadband-connected Home Gateway since 2005, has confirmed it will cease operations as planned on Thursday, June 30, but will make its work available on a new archive website.
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Home Gateway Initiative transfers smart home requirements to ETSI
Apr 21, 2016 – ETSI and the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) have announced that HGI will transfer three of its published requirements specifications to ETSI, where they will be handled, adapted and maintained by ETSI’s SmartM2M Technical Committee.
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Home Gateway Initiative to close in 2016
Jun 29, 2015 – The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) has announced that it plans to complete its current work by mid-2016 and bring the organisation to a close. Following the end of the organisation, the requirements documents created by HGI will remain available to the industry.
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