Digital TV News: Roy Rosenfeld

DoubleVerify unmasks CTV ad fraud scheme, CycloneBot
Feb 28, 2024 – DoubleVerify has revealed the identification and mitigation of CycloneBot, a malicious bot capable of generating up to 250 million falsified ad requests and spoofing around 1.5 million devices daily.
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CTV fraudsters impersonate Smart refrigerators to falsify CTV traffic
Aug 24, 2022 – DoubleVerify (NYSE: DV) has announced that its DV Fraud Lab has discovered a new variant of the Connected TV (CTV) advertising fraud scheme, LeoTerra. The new variant spoofs IoT devices in an attempt to hide fraudulent behavior.
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DoubleVerify neutralizes ‘SmokeScreen’ CTV fraud scheme
Aug 12, 2021 – DoubleVerify (DV) [NYSE: DV] has identified a CTV advertising fraud scheme, dubbed 'SmokeScreen', which caused screensavers to hijack CTV devices to generate impressions — even when the screen is off.
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DoubleVerify identifies first scaled CTV botnet attack
Nov 16, 2018 – DoubleVerify (DV) has announced the identification of a new bot network specifically targeting Connected TV (CTV) devices. DV uncovered the botnet after the company saw a 40% spike in traffic from CTV devices.
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