Siano Launches MBBMS Software Stack for China Mobile TD-SCDMA

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
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China’s Leading Mobile TV Chip Supplier Will Provide the China Mobile MBBMS Protocol Stack to TD-SCDMA Terminal Makers Using its CMMB Receiver Chips

BEIJING — Leading mobile TV chip maker Siano Mobile Silicon announced today the launch of a new software protocol stack for China Mobile’s Mobile Broadcasting Business Management System (MBBMS). MBBMS handles billing, user management and conditional access for the CMMB mobile TV service through China Mobile.

The new product provides a significant advantage to Siano’s customers and partners – developers of TD-SCDMA (China Mobile’s 3G technology) / CMMB terminals. To this point they had to either develop the MBBMS stack by themselves, a considerable R&D burden, or license the stack from a single vendor in the market. From now on, they may license it from Siano as a complimentary product to Siano’s line of chip receivers. Siano offers the protocol stack free of charge to its silicon customers.

CMMB is the mobile digital TV standard deployed in China. It covers today around 330 cities in China – providing coverage to most of the urban population of the country. The service is offered via China’s Broadcast Corporation (CBC) and China Mobile, the world largest mobile operator. The number of people in China currently using this new service is estimated to be 10 million.

Recently it was announced that China’s neighbor, Tajikistan has also decided to deploy the Chinese mobile TV technology.

Siano is the largest supplier of CMMB receiver chips, serving a wide range of domestic as well as international handset makers and design houses such as BYD, Compal Dell, Garmin, Mitac, Huawei, Motorola, OnTim, Yulong, ZTE and many others.

Siano’s MBBMS stack has already been approved by China Mobile’s Research Institute (CMRI) over a handset of one of its customers, which will be soon launched to the market.

Siano’s MBBMS stack is available for the most common operating systems: Linux, Android, and Windows Mobile. Versions for other operating systems will be released soon. Also, Siano’s MBBMS stack can be easily ported to any real time operating system. A few TD-SCDMA platform providers have already started using the stack on their platforms.

Wang Wei, Siano’s Vice President for Asia Business Development commented: “We are happy to broaden our CMMB offering beyond the silicon. For many TD-SCDMA device makers, the MBBMS protocol stack has been a bottleneck in their development plans and time tables, and Siano is now removing this hurdle for them.”