Siano Launches Advanced Receiver Chip for USA Mobile Digital TV

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
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Global Leader of Mobile TV Receiver Chips Makes Debut in North America; ATSC Mobile DTV Chip Developed with LG Electronics

WSHINGTON DC — Siano Mobile Silicon, the world’s leading supplier of digital mobile TV receiver chips, announced today the launch of a new product, targeting the emerging mobile TV market in the United States.

Siano’s advanced SMS1530, which supports the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) A/153 Mobile Digital TV Standard, was developed in collaboration with LG Electronics, principal developer of the ATSC M/H (mobile/handheld) broadcast standard.

Optimized for transmission to mobile and handheld devices, ATSC Mobile DTV was developed to support a variety of services including free (advertiser-supported) television and interactive services delivered in real time, subscription-based TV, and file-based content download for playback at a later time. The standard can also be used for transmission of new data broadcasting services.

Mark Aitken, Director of Advanced Technologies for Sinclair Broadcasting Group, expects that by the end of 2010 there will be 100-150 TV stations transmitting in ATSC’s A/153 Mobile DTV format (formal name of ATSC-MH), scattered in about 40 metropolitan areas in the US. By the end of 2011, given the activities of many broadcast television ventures and alliances, it is expected that there may be up to 500 TV stations covering the 50-70 largest metropolitan areas (as well as smaller markets). These markets account for more than 65% of the US population.

Siano’s launch of ATSC M/H DTV receiver chips in North America builds on its great success in the mobile TV markets of China (CMMB technology) and Latin America (ISDB-T technology). The SMS1530 is fully compatible with the ATSC A/153 Standard. In addition, it supports FM radio, and has the necessary on-chip provisions for conditional access for pay-TV services. The high-performance, low-power SMS1530 targets a wide range of mobile and handheld devices, including mobile phones, portable navigation devices, in-vehicle TVs and portable media players.

“As a US company, and a global leader thus far, we are enthusiastic about serving end-users in North America,” said Alon Ironi, Siano’s CEO. “Siano has accumulated considerable knowledge and experience in emerging mobile TV markets, and we believe that American consumers will embrace Mobile DTV, which offers them easy access to their favorite local and national TV content anytime, anywhere. Products using the SMS1530 will offer the consumers the best TV viewing experience – indoors as well as outdoors, long battery life and mobility.”

“Siano is known for its great success in mobile DTV receiver chips, and having them joining the ATSC Mobile DTV ecosystem is important as it significantly strengthens the market,” said Dr. Jong Kim, president of LG’s US DTV lab.

The SMS1530 is available in samples to select customers. . A successful field trial conducted in Washington DC exhibited excellent performance. Siano reported that it is already engaged with customers developing electronic products using the SMS1530.