Siano and LIFIA Team Up to Support Mobile DTV Project in Argentina

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
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Global mobile DTV solution provider and local software and services provider deliver DTV solution for Windows and Linux PC applications

BARCELONA, Spain — Siano Mobile Silicon, the world’s leading supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions, and LIFIA-UNLP, an IT R&D research group out of Argentina’s La Plata University, today announced a combined “Ginga” DTV solution for Windows and Linux PC applications in mobile devices.

LIFIA, a recognized research laboratory, provides local and global academic and business communities with cutting-edge IT expertise and services. Established in 1988 at the University of La Plata, LIFIA is best known for the development of, an implementation that conforms to the Ginga specification. Ginga is the DTV interactive middleware originally designed and conceived by Brazil’s SBTVD. is now available as production quality open source software. Having become a recognized local standard, is now mandatory in all DTV receivers from government-supported programs.

Supported by Windows and Linux PC applications, the combined technical expertise of Siano, LIFIA and Geniatech results in high-quality DTV solutions in Argentina, whereby is quickly and efficiently integrated into Geniatech’s USB dongles and mini-cards.

Following the successful roll-out of mobile DTV services in Brazil, Argentina is quick to follow, with rapid local deployment, offering a rich MDTV service of its own, using the same SBTVD technology, but with local flavors that complement the middleware components. Other Latin American countries are also coming on board, moving the entire continent to the mobile digital TV era just in time for the 2014 and 2016 FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.

“Siano has a reputation for its advanced IC receivers and this is exactly what we needed to participate in a high-level government tender and supply quality mobile DTV to students nationwide,” said Gabriel Baum, Professor at LIFIA-UNLP. “With Siano’s strong reputation in Latin America, we are confident that Argentina will fast become a major player in the region’s emerging MDTV market.”

“We are proud to support this important academic activity and work with a strong partner like LIFIA, who have taken an active role in the country’s MDTV market,” said Jose Luis Martinez, Business Development Director for Siano in Argentina. “We plan to leverage this project with other shared activities in the region, as Argentina and its neighboring countries join the MDTV surge across Latin America.”

“Teaming up with Siano and LIFIA enables us to deliver exceptionally high performance MDTV – the core of our business success,” comments Jijun Fang, Geniatech’s CEO. “It’s strong collaboration that results in quality products that meet our customers’ needs.”