TV Everywhere available to 72% of pay TV subscribers in Europe

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
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Pay TV Operators are now moving to pure OTT Pay TV strategies

TV Everywhere (TVE) is a service designated for Pay TV customers that gives the opportunity to the customers to also watch traditional TV offers (DTH, cable, IPTV, terrestrial) on other screens: PC, smartphones and tablets. In Europe, Pay TVE had become must as it is available to 130m Pay TV customers end of 2016 according to Dataxis. This translate into a penetration of 72% of all European pay TV subscribers.

European TV Everywhere penetration

The first Pay TVE services were launched in 2010/2011. At that time, they were often available only in-house and frequently charged by operators. Today, TVE services are considered as a retention tool for Pay TV operators. They are available outside home and in 95% of cases, they are available free of charge as part of basic TV packages. Mostly small and medium operators have yet to create an offer for their customers.

Dataxis believes that the next step for Pay TV operators is to better integrate OTT in their global strategies and launch new pure OTT offers. Initially, TVE were developed in parallel and alongside legacy offers. As next generation, fixed broadband (FTTH, VDSL, Fiber cable) and 4G becomes more prevalent in European markets, it is only a question of time that pay TV operators unify their TV & Video offers under OTT technologies.