Wyplay to work on HD and 4K DVR enhancements for Vrio

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018
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Wyplay continues work on DIRECTV’s HD and 4K products for Latin America and SKY Brasil

MARSEILLE, France — Wyplay has been contracted to work on enhancements for the newly launched HD and 4K DVRs. These hybrid products provide satellite and internet enabled video streams and ISDB-T. These are advanced platforms designed and launched to support DIRECTV’s and Sky Brasil’s continued strategy to ensure leading content, technology, and unrivalled user experience for their customers.

Wyplay was the selected partner to develop these original products and to ensure their launch for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Wyplay has now been tasked to develop DIRECTV’s and Sky Brazil’s experience-rich roadmap on top of these platforms for the Latin American region.

“The award of these new projects reflects the strength of the partnership between DIRECTV, Sky Brasil, and Wyplay” said Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO.

The relationship with DIRECTV Latin America and SKY Brasil started in 2016, when the companies selected Wyplay to deploy its software for the launch of new DVRs. The companies are subsidiaries of Vrio Corp., leading provider of digital entertainment services in South America and the Caribbean.