Ten carriers in Germany and Austria choose Ocilion for IPTV

Monday, August 10th, 2020
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Ten Carriers choose Ocilion

Ocilion wins ten new carriers for its IPTV solution. In Germany, Stadtwerke Bad Nauheim, Hammelburg, Merseburg, Speedloc and Datel have chosen Ocilion, while in Austria Energie Steiermark, Feistritzwerke, Xinon, tirolnet and Stadtwerke Imst will start their distinct TV service with Ocilion.

With 600,000 customers Energie Steiermark is one of the four biggest energy suppliers in Austria. Besides providing the biggest carriers in Austria, Ocilion now also delivers IPTV solution to the three energy utilities Wien Energie, Energie AG and Energie Steiermark.

Ocilion is delivering the entire IPTV system including software, services, content packages, video on demand, set-top boxes as well as apps for smartphones and tablets.

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